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About Us

Who We Are?

We are a team of professionals who believe in delivering quality service at all times.
We are driven to modernize the
technology in Africa and by so doing,
spur socio-economic growth through
the smooth and reliable transfer of
available technologies.

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Telecom Technologies International Limited was incorporated in July 1994, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as a Business System Automation and Telecommunications Engineering Services firm and started operations in the same month. The company is staffed by Engineers and Financial Consultants with extensive national and international exposure in the field of advanced telecommunications, information technologies and financial systems.

TTi Limited has been able to attain a leadership position in the Information Technology and telecommunication sub-sector of the federal Republic of Nigeria in a relatively short time. This achievement is attributed to the faithful commitment of the TTi staff. TTi Limited has, since inception, maintained a lean and uncluttered management structure consisting of three departments:

  • Engineering & Technical Service Department.

    The Engineering and Technical Services Department is staffed by a mix of professionals with diverse background. At the senior level, the engineers have advanced degrees in either telecommunications or computer engineering from first class universities. More importantly, however, is the dimension of experience of these professionals. We, therefore, understand the handling of complex telecommunications projects against tight schedules and budget constraints, often in hostile conditions such as desert oil field installations in the Middle East, the North Sea oil platforms and Far East jungle locations. We understand control room requirements and the options for integration of radio, telephone and other communication channels.

  • Financial Technology & Allied Services Department.

    All enterprise has a terminal point - money. This department of TTi ensures that our clients are aware of the several optimal ways technology can assist them in taking effective, efficient and economic business decisions where finance is a critical decision factor. Our consultants with vast experience in business and accounting systems design and implementation ensure that bottlenecks in business are removed expeditiously.

  • Special Projects Department.

    The Special Projects Department gives us the latitude to respond dynamically to new projects without necessarily expanding the company size in terms of manpower. This is achieved by the formation of multi-disciplinary project teams, under the supervision of the Special Projects Manager, that are charged with the execution of time limited special projects. It is the responsibility of the Special.

To Translate and Transfer the Modern Technologies in Computers and Telecommunication from wherever, to Africa, as part of the vehicle
for socio-economic empowerment of the Continent

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